Mobile Programmatic (part 1)

One of the things we will start discussing in detail are the opportunities that exist with mobile. The behavior of individuals in the world has never changed as fast as it has with mobile devices, and we love helping companies create a mobile presence.  

“Two years ago I reported on the seismic shift in consumer behavior that would significantly impact traditional bricks and mortar retailers.

Since then, many traditional retailers and consumer brands have responded simply by substantially increasing their digital advertising budgets, significantly driving up their cost of customer acquisition and producing little to show for it. We on the other hand, took a very different approach.” - Howard Shultz,  CEO Starbucks July, 2105

Obviously Starbucks has an engagement with their consumers that happens in a face-to-face way on a daily basis, which most companies don't have.  But their solution had NOTHING to do with ads promoting coffee.  They understood a way to use mobile devices to gain loyalty and make their customers life easier.  

We use similar mobile tactics to help our customers understand how the mobile consumer is different, needs different solutions, and the unique ways in which you can engage with these customers by helping them and growing your business at the same time.  Advertising is a small part of the mobile solution.  Here is part 1 of a series of information we will provide on Mobile Programmatic, at first we will cover the basics, but then move to far more detailed information.