WE Build Programmatic solutions from nothing 

If you feel your business can benefit from implementing programmatic technology and data-driven analysis and measurement solutions, but you don't know where to start, we can probably help.  

Here is a sampling of the work we have done for our clients.

Publisher Advertising stacks and header bidding

Header Bidding has quickly become a hot topic in digital publishing, but this newest iteration of the programmatic media landscape is not without its obstacles. Header Bidding challenges a publisher's fundamental knowledge of how their ad server works, auction fundamentals, how programmatic demand participates against direct sold campaigns, as well as, how, why, and at what price to use Priority.

We have helped several publishers, of varying and significant scale, navigate a transition to a Header Bidding oriented stack. We help a publisher understand which Header Bidder technologies align with their current tech stack, content, and development timeline. The implications to their user experience, revenue reporting, accounting, current advertising partnerships, and sales team and sales ethos.

Cross-Device Programmatic Media PRogramS

With programmatic media buying, the conversion has happened before an ad has been served.  What does that even mean?  If you are a business that is trying to reach a tailored audience, even if they are not currently customers, you can find ways to reach these consumers in a very targeted way.  

The current challenge is pairing the right message, targeting, timing, and experience to bring a user down the funnel towards a conversion. What have you shared with them? How relevant was it? How did your brand cut thru the noise? We have worked with large marketers to deploy media programs, across devices and media platforms, that help those brands tell stories and measure success by brand engagement.

Do you have a very unique target you are looking to reach?  Are you working your way towards a cross-device advertising strategy? Are you struggling to understand how to properly understand and attribute the value programmatic media buying? We can probably help.